Yoga and Mindfulness

Workshops and Individual Sessions

Power up your mind-body connection for optimal emotional wellbeing and stress reduction 

Ideal for groups of families, school enrichment classes, church classes, staff development trainings, and private parent-child sessions

Workshops/sessions can be brought to your location and tailored to desired emphasis and durantion

Available in English and Spanish 

Building Resilient Families Workshops

with Diana Bermudez and Lisa Danahy

Based on Radiant Child® Yoga and resilience research  

Feb. 2, 2020, 2-4 pm. Ages 6-10, Sun and Moon Yoga Studio.  Register

March 28, 2-4 pm, Ages 3-6, The Happy Yogi Studio.           Register

Parents and children learn yoga and mindfulness techniques to maintain emotional balance, build resilience and self-esteem, and resolve common challenges such as emotional outbursts, power struggles and aggressive behavior.

In this two-hour workshop, parents and children practice side-by-side to enhance their ability to manage emotions and also have opportunities to work individually on developing their skills and knowledge for self-regulation.

PARENTS understand the development of self-control, the value of resilience, and how to cultivate these characteristics through yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques in daily routines.


Self-care groups for professionals coming soon!