Professional Trainings Available Online

Professional development for administrators and teachers of daycares and preschools . 

Offered in the DC metro area,

in English and Spanish.

The importance of mental health in early childhood has gained attention in public media and professional circles in the last few years, due to increased prevalence of behavioral concerns and unprecedented rates of expulsion in early childhood education centers. Across the country, the rate of expulsion for preschool children is 3 times higher than that for K-12 students. Virginia’s state-funded preschool programs rank as the 10th highest expulsion rate compared to other states. 

Teacher ability in responding to behavioral concerns is a major factor to ensure the safety of children and educators, and prevent expulsion.

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Self-Care Practices for Early Childhood Educators

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Social-Emotional Workshops

2-Hour Workshops for up to 11 Participants via Zoom

Rate: $400

Power-up! Self-Care and Stress Reduction for Early Childhood Educators

Caring for young children demands emotional energy that must be recharged continuously.  Self-reflection exercises will guide you to identify and implement stress-reduction habits that fit into your daily routines.

Teaching Self-Regulation with Yoga/Mindfulness

Self-regulation is the foundation for social-emotional wellness and academic success in early childhood and beyond. Be a dynamic social-emotional coach for young children, using playful, creative and powerful yoga/mindfulness exercises.  

Temper Tantrum As Learning Opportunity
The heat of a temper tantrum can push caretakers to react in non-productive manners that exacerbate and perpetuate loosing control of emotions. Learn a method to manage temper tantrums as opportunities to teach self-control to 2-5 year old children.

Art and Play for Resilient Children
Promote the key strengths of social-emotional health (attachment, self-control and initiative) through art and play in every-day caretaking routines. Caretakers of children from infants to 5 years old love these activities.

Potty Training: The Right Fit
When potty training becomes a power struggle or a dreaded challenge, learn how to assess when a child is ready to begin, what strategies may appeal to children of different temperaments, when to take breaks, and how to keep the momentum.

Toxic Stress and Trauma in Early Childhood

The exponential social-emotional development that happens in early childhood is impacted by persistent stress and trauma. Healing occurs through healthy attachment with primary care-takers.   

Your Topic of Choice
I can design trainings upon request on any aspects of social-emotional development and challenging behaviors. The length and rates vary according to the topic, the size of the group and their specific needs.

Pyramid Model Trainings  

Integrate into your early childhood program the best research-based practices for promoting social emotional development in young children (birth to 5) and responding to the most challenging behaviors.

The training content was developed by early childhood experts from the Center for Social and Emotional Foundations of Early Learning (Hyperlink: The 4 modules can be studied separately, or tailored to the needs of each early childhood program.


Suggested Packages and Rates

All rates apply to groups of up to 25 participants, and include cost of materials.

Any one-module training for teachers/care providers (7 hours): $900
Any two modules for teachers/care providers (14 hours): $1,700
All three modules for teachers/care providers (21 hours): $2,400
4-Module Pack (21 hours of training for teachers/providers + 4 hours of couching for the Director/Owner: ($2,900)

Pyramid A La Carte Pack ($3,000-$4,000)*
Pre-assessment of teachers’ skills + up to 20 hours of training tailored to the skills that need strengthening + Post-assessment of teachers’ skills

Pyramid Deluxe Pack ($4,000-$6,000)*
A La Carte Pack + 6 hours of individualized coaching sessions for teachers who require additional support.
*Rates vary depending on number of classrooms and teachers.