“Amare” (the Latin word for “love”) represents the loving

interconnections that weave families and communities together.

My approach consists of nurturing the social-emotional strengths of children with healing/instructive experiences, and improving the environments (home and daycare/pre-school) where the children can thrive.

Early childhood (birth to age 5) is a critical phase of life when the foundations of brain functioning, primary relationships and personality are established for a lifetime. Young children demand much support from their parents and care givers during this time of tremendous growth and challenges. This puts young families and teachers under significant stress and emotional imbalance.

I believe we can live healthy and fulfilling lives by strengthening the bond between children and parents, and between families and their communities. My contribution is to provide families and educators with healing experiences, knowledge and skills.

I combine creativity (art and play), with yoga and mindfulness techniques, to engage participants of all ages, in both counseling for families and capacity building for early childhood professionals.




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